Digital Marketing and Social Media

Digital marketing is our passion but who are we?

In short; we are a team of full-time freelance digital marketers who work on multiple projects together. These projects range from simple community management up to more complex full-service offerings, including; video production, website development, media planning, CRM services and more.

What makes our approach to digital marketing different?


We are not bound to overheads or a single service.

Often agencies or experts offer or suggest limited services in order to pay for or generate more profits. As a team of remote workers, we are completely focused on offering only the pieces of work you need, in the order that you need them, considering the stage of digital maturity of your company, your budget and your objectives.

Also, for scale, we have a network of 3rd party suppliers who can offer the exact same services you might expect from a full-service production team in an agency. In fact, that's how we met them, we used these same suppliers while working on larger brands. This means if you don't need it we do not offer it...unless you really want it.

The complete focus on an effective digital or brand strategy.

Our structure means we only offer what we think you need, not what we need to pay for. This is an emerging model in the digital marketing industry and one that is also one we can see being replicated by the modern gig/freelance economy.

We truly believe that Digital Marketing and Social Media is and always will be a passion orientated industry due to its ever-evolving nature. And we are completely passionate about what we do, ask us to meet and you'll see.

We are very capable

Our combined knowledge, experience and network in the industry means we either have or can call on any specialised skill set needed for specific campaigns, including; the use of real-world data for online marketing, mobile campaigns, USSD Campaigns, large scale location campaigns, bot integrations, New brand and Product launches, and many more. We are also certified with the platforms we use and have achieved Google Partner Status.


As a team we believe in only offering services that clients need to get value from our work. We are not bound by overheads that demand we increase revenue or feed cost centres for the sake of it. Our approach is completely value driven.


In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in in the following areas:
We can handle simple production and design to larger projects and content creation, including; Brand CI Development Video Photography Animation Rich Media Banners Packaging Design and Development
Web and App Development
We have a few development partners we work with to take on a range of projects. We can handle anything from simple websites and apps to more complex apps involving a more dynamic team of UX/UI and web strategists with top end developers to match.
SEO and Content
As a part of our ongoing and web development offering we have content and SEO strategists available who can scale for any challenge, from simple blog production, link building up to advanced international SEO work.
Experts in both Brand and Digital strategy, we will look to craft a tailored strategy to reach your objectives.
Paid Media
We are experienced and well qualified to set up and run any type of paid media campaign, including lead generation, Account-Based Marketing, Data-Driven campaigns, and e-commerce campaigns. We are Google Partners and certified as well as experienced in all online media.
Email, Automation and CRM
Experienced with various platforms, we can opffer a variety of email services as well as automation and CRM systems.  We use these to improve efficiency in content delivery, lead nurturing and customer retention.
Social Media Management
From Strategy to content creation and Community management, we can manage the community and reputation for your brand and mix organic content with paid promotion when it fits your objectives.


We work as a team of collaborative freelancers who are experienced professionals. However the focus is on bringing value based on business objectives.
Neil Duly
Neil Duly

Brand and Digital Strategist

Over 10 years working in Digital and Brand consulting. 


Bedfordview Gauteng, South Africa
E-mail: Phone: 083-381-1411